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Sex In Malaysia - JB Massage Outlets Offering Massage Plus Sex

Dec 18, 2012

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Sex in Malaysia massage package

According to the finding of a young 30 year old technician in Johor Baru, there are three types of massage services available in this southern city of Malaysia, Johor Baru or more commonly known as just JB.

First is the standard massage service that most people know and understand. However many massage operators in JB offer 2 other extra services like oral sex or sexual intercourse as a package deal to its clients who seek more than a massage.

Taking advantage of its location, businesses in this border city caters to both Malaysian and Singaporeans. And lately, to expand their market, these massage operators tapped into the potential of cash flushed men in their fifties. These senior citizens are deemed to have less financial obligations as most of their commitments were paid up. Many also have the benefit of a new source of cash flow i.e. withdrawal from their EPF (Employee Provident Fund). Feeling lonely and elated over their new found freedom, they are also more willing to splash their money on women.

This technician observed his father had been a regular client to a particular massage parlor in Skudai, a sub-district of this southern city. Over a period of just over three months, he found his dad has been spending more than RM100 every visit. Finally curiosity got the better of him and he went to the same massage outlet to find out.

He approached the reception and asked for massage service. After confirming the price for the service, he was ushered into a dimly lit private room by the receptionist. Not suspecting anything, he felt the ambience is conducive for a good massage.

What happened next was an eye opening experience for him. He heard a gentle knock on the door and next walked in a sexily dressed masseuse. From the way she conversed, he guessed she is a foreigner. The massage session commenced and half an hour into the one hour massage session, the truth finally prevails. The sexy masseuse asked if he needed other services including sex.

While it was not known whether the technician took up the sex offer to explore and find out further the massage services in JB, he claimed his dad had spent all his savings, retirement fund from EPF plus pocket money given by his children at the said massage outlet.

In addition to his personal finding, report from China Press claimed more than 70 massage centers in JB are offering various sexual service packages too over the standard massage service.

Source : The Star


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