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Oil Massage Is Fun But …… !

May 04 , 2011 -  Samuel Hui

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Oil Massage DangerAs related by a reader here recently, a man in his mid-30s went to his usual oil massage parlor. Looking for a good massage and a little EXTRA , he engaged his favorite and scantily clad Indo-Chinese masseuse.

After chatting up the masseuse, it did not take him too long to surrender his whole body to his favorite masseuse. A few minutes into the massage, he was already fast sound asleep. Who would not?

I was a public holiday and business was more than the average week days. This particular masseuse was probably tired as there were far too many customers to handle and was obviously worn out.

As usual, the masseuse applied essential oil on her palms and run through the man's body with her tender loving touch. Next, she climbed up and stood with her two feet on the back of the man. For balance, she held both her hands onto the two bars overhead. Using her feet, she skillfully knead the back to the delight of the man. Suddenly, perhaps due to her oily hands, she slipped and lost her balance.

In a split second, BANG ! she fell like a rock and sat momentarily on the man! Her whole body weight sank right at the man's waistline. The man screamed in great pain on impact and passed out. When he gained consciousness , he found that he was paralyzed waist down and suffered internal injuries.

The next time you go for an oil massage, take note and make clear to your masseuse ! The less dangerous method is to have her kneeling on your back and kneading you with their knees as practice by some.

Good luck folks and have fun.

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