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Cheating Hubby Caught At Massage Center, Then With A Vietnamese Girl In A Hotel

May 03, 2012

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Cheating husband with Vietnamese lady

While it was a leisurely Sunday evening for most people getting ready to start the rat race again the next morning, it was not the same for a suspicious wife in her late forties. Two hours before mid-night, she turned up at a massage parlor in Petaling Jaya, frequented by her cheating hubby.

Instead of barging into the premise, she telephoned her hubby from outside to enquire his whereabouts. Not knowing his wife was just outside the massage outlet, he cheated and claimed he was very busy with his business obligation in down town Kuala Lumpur.

Having finished his massage session, he confidently strutted out of the massage outlet to see his wife waiting outside to his absolute surprise ! He almost freaked out and was seen trying hard to mitigate his presence there in his attempt to justify the discrepancy in his story. Claiming he was there to meet up with a business associate, he hurriedly made a quick exit from the scene.

Anyone would have thought he will keep low for some time but he responded otherwise.

Late into the same night, just 1 hour past mid-night, he went to a hotel in Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya. About 2 ½ hours later in his next secret outing, his wife was tipped off by someone believed to be monitoring her husband’s movement that he was sighted at the three-star hotel.

The sleepless night continues for the wife who rushed to the said hotel to nab her husband's suspected illicit activity again. She reacted differently this time. The man with no place to hide refused to open the door when his wife blocked his escape route outside and demanded him to open the door.

After failing to get the man to open the room, she seeked the help of the local police who arrived shortly. With the helps of the police, the man was finally coaxed to open up the room. To the surprise of every one present at the scene, he was found not to be alone.

A Vietnamese lady was found together with him inside. While it may not be illegal if she is a registered guest, the police left the scene as this was classified a domestic issue unless proven otherwise.

Source : The Star

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