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Free Massage On The Beach ? Beware !

May 06 , 2011 - Eric Lai

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Free MassageA 1massagemalaysia visitor recently wrote in to share his massage experience in Kuta , Bali. Like in Penang , Malaysia, or many other beaches around this region, massage therapists ply their trade on the beach too.

While sipping his fresh coconut drink under the swaying palm at Kuta Beach, Bali , a lady masseuse approached him. Having just had a massage in the hotel spa outlet, he was not in the mood to go into another session on the beach. However, the friendly and charming masseuse made him think otherwise

The party begins...
Free Massage At BeachThe sweet lady starts giving the massage. Her friendliness lured this man of very few words into some happy and innocent chat. This slowly drew the attention of other masseuse around the beach. Without suspecting anything, these masseuse joined in the chat ,making the massage session a very joyful and merry occasion. Who in his right frame of mind will want to say no when these friendly acquaintances start helping with the massage.
He was absolutely delighted and pleased when the massage ended. That was indeed a dream. He was happy and every one there were happy too. He paid the masseuse he engaged and gave her a big fat tip beyond his normal tipping habit !
That was when the party ended...
To his HORROR , ALL THE MASSAGE LADIES DEMANDED TO BE PAID TOO ! They threatened to call the police if he refuse. Not knowing where the authority will stand in a situation like this, he finally settled for a small tip to each of these ladies !

A lesson learnt...

When locals start doing things with you or for you, you BETTER MAKE IT CLEAR IMMEDIATELY that you will NOT be paying any money to them for what they are doing.

Better be firm than be sorry later. The only pity you can get when you are conned is self pity !

The saying, NO FREE MEAL still stand the test of time.

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