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You deserved to be pampered and experience Heaven on Earth with Massage Malaysia.Go enjoy the wide selection of day spa, health spa and beauty spa, located conveniently in the spa resort or hotel you stay across Malaysia.

Let Massage Malaysia make your stay in Malaysia a memorable one. Malaysia is more than just shops, food and sightseeing. A memorable stay is relaxing, filled with fun and pleasures. Having a massage or spa treatment in Malaysia is rejuvenating, refreshing and make you feel recharged.

Massage Malaysia  is the most comprehensive directory for massage and spa outlets in Malaysia, representing the various massage techniques in the Asean regions. For your convenience, six main categories await you  i.e Boutique Spas Massage, Slimming Spas Massage, Health Centers Massage, Traditional Massage , Thai Massage and Outcall Massage services. 

Locating Massage Malaysia listed outlets is easy. Just click at the city you reside in Malaysia and chose the type of massage and spa treatment you prefer. If you are not familiar with Malaysia, the massage and spa outlets are located in the major cities in Malaysia , like Kuala Lumpur aka KL, Johor Bahru aka JB , Petaling Jaya aka PJ, Melaka formerly known as Malacca, Seremban, Klang, Ipoh and Penang.

Depending on your needs ,you may want to pamper yourself with a 
Boutique Spa massage. Malaysia spa resort is  a place where the whole family can enjoy together. These establishments offer refined relaxation of premium quality. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the world of pleasurable massage without having to pay for the earth !

Eat all you want in Malaysia . The easy access to
Slimming Spas massage,also known as beauty spa, allow you to indulge in all the gastronomic delight Malaysia is known for. Allow it to soothe your taste buds without hurting your waist line during your memorable stay in Malaysia ! Go back with a radiant smile, go back slimmer, take pride in your new found physique and flaunt it with no apology !

Health and spa always go hand in hand. Good pleasurable kneading are available in what the local residents in Malaysia term it as Health Centers.Located in most major hotels, these hotel spa or health spa are massage refuge where you surrender your aged joints and pumped out body for a complete physical overhaul under the tender loving hands of your masseur. Their prices are gentle to your pockets too.

For those who prefer more stretches ,our list of Massage Malaysia Thai Massage outlets offer you a dream that will be unforgetable. It untie the knots to release the full potential of your true vitality.

Available also in most Health Centers and Thai Massage outlets, Foot Reflexology offers more specific massage to the sole and calf muscle. This form of massage is reputed to improve blood circulation and activate sluggish organs in our body. While this effect may be subtle, most people feel an immediate lightness on their tired feet after foot reflexology.

While the masseurs are not trying to play doctor, our Traditional Massage also known locally as Urut Batin Therapy  is reputed to have made many men turn back their biological clock and restore their youthful vigor. If time does not permit you to try this massage, you may want to get this highly recommended reading material,"Get Back Your Youthful Performance ! "

For the unintiated who do not want to miss the joy of massage in Malaysia, pleasure is only a phone call away from Outcall Massage outlets.This service comes in handy when you feel like staying in ,instead of crawling the pub circuits. 

While most establishments have a price list for their various massage packages, in the absence of one, it is a good practice to come to an agreed price before confirming an appointment.

If you are new , you may want to check Code Of Conduct In Spa to see how you can prepare yourself to get the best out of the massage session you are planning for.

Just landed in Kuala Lumpur and pumped out? Let Massage Malaysia leads you to Kuala Lumpur first.

We have also added some specially selected True Love Secret for your reading pleasure to turbo charge your passion to the next level of pleasure. Check it out after your Massage and Spa experience in Malaysia

Have fun and stay safe folks.


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