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10 Secrets Behind An Effective Foor Massage

June 05, 2011 - Master Kung

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Foot Massage TechniquesAnybody and everybody can do foot massage. A quick 10 minute foot massage (5 minutes / foot) every night before bed time can safely be done by most people.

However, the healing effects differ. Massaging the right reflex points certainly helps stimulate the flow of Chi and activate the healing power of the body for the affected organs. It is the compliant to the 10 critical points below that make each massage session a good, consistently pleasurable and  effective one.

Pre-massage Preparation

Foot Reflexology 1. If you are having a meal, allow your body to have at least an hour or more later before commencing a massage session.

2. Like in any massage session, in particular, foot massage, your feet should be clean,preferably after a bath or shower and free of injury or open wound.

3. Put on a reasonably loose clothing to allow free flow of energy when it is released during the massage.

Massage Session

4. Start with left foot first.

5. To maximize the healing power of your body with foot massage, always commence the massage by activating these 5 points first, namely, solar plexus, diaphragm, kidney, urethra tube and bladder.


Foot Reflexology Chart


6. Four points relating to brain, temple, pituitary and pineal must not be massaged for more than 3 minutes.

7. A complete foot reflexology session should not exceed 50 minutes to avoid over activating your body energy system. In other words, massage each foot not more than 25 minutes. The objective of foot reflexology is to replicate the natural healing inherent to our body when we walk barefooted.

8. Massage other points for 5 – 10 minutes the most.

Post massage precaution

9. Drink a glass of warm or room temperature water to help ‘wash’ out the waste that were ‘dislodged’ from your system during the massage.

10. Allow you feet to continue with its self healing process and return to its equilibrium for at least an hour before any attempt to wash your feet or exposing it to extreme cold after the massage.

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